Making The Right Decision: Quartz Vs Granite Worktops

A big confusion comes in the way when brewing in the kitchen worktop world, as there are many individuals who try to look whether they need quartz or granite worktop. Whereas a portion of the perplexity originates from the way that many individuals don’t generally know the exact difference, so they don’t really comprehend what they are searching for.

To help the customers make a right choice Granite Vs Quartz worktops here’s a guide that supports you narrow down your search effectively.

What’s the true difference?

Both worktops materials are awe-inspiring, made of a natural material where one appears to be slightly more natural.

Granite: Granite is 100% natural, directly taken from the earth’s crust, polished, honed down to smooth and cut to the size.

Quartz: It is 97% natural, i.e. made of 93 % natural quartz which is further mixed with 7% fewer man-made products and polymer resin to augment its durability and consistency.

Which costs more, Granite Or Quartz?

Both of the materials are wonderful in terms of quality and durability. Prices of both granite and quartz vary as both are outsourced from overseas.

Granite: Approximately, a slab of granite can cost around $59 per square foot.

Quartz: It may cost between $67 to $93 per square foot.

Which possess more radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that has the tendency to cause lung cancer, which is found in both. But according to a survey, it is said that:

Granite: It has negligible, i.e. almost no radon.

Quartz: It has a little amount of radon.

How often is Maintenance required?

Every material requires a bit of maintenance to last for years.

Granite: It requires continuous maintenance. Granite kitchen worktops need to be sealed about once a year to maintain the shine of the surface.

Quartz: Quartz kitchen worktops don’t need to seal and are more resistant to bacteria, staining and heat.

Which offers more Durability?

Granite: If it is subjected to red wine, then it would surely get stained.

Quartz:  Because of the presence of resins, it is a material that is less subjected to stains and provides great durability.

Which is more pleasing to the eyes?

Kitchens are known as the heart of the home, which helps individuals to choose the best for their kitchens. Whether you choose granite or quartz kitchen worktops, both offer the true value of your homes as well as aesthetic appeal to the eyes.

But, when it comes to choosing the one out of both, then quartz could be a great decision to consider.